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Running an Ultimate club or league comes with important responsibilities to players and the sport in your community. Here are discussions and documents about how to manage risk, finances, legal requirements, and more.

Ontario Ultimate offers player insurance, including Commercial General Liability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment policies, as well as director’s indemnity insurance. Learn more about how our insurance works and what steps to take so your organization is properly covered.

If you love this sport as much as we do, you wish everyone could play Ultimate! Here‘s where we share ideas and resources for growing Ultimate in our communities.

Ultimate is proudly a co-ed sport, but some clubs struggle to recruit female players. Learn how leagues have encouraged more participation by women.

Get them hooked while they’re young! Ultimate is a perfect sport for children and youth of all ages and abilities. Find out how clubs in Ontario are introducing the game and its important lessons about fair play.

Want to host an Ontario Ultimate Event? Want to run a NCCP Coaching session? Got a question about the finer points of Ultimate, and how to share them within your leagues? You’ve come to the right place.

Staying true to the Spirit of the Game is an important part of running Ultimate leagues and tournaments. Here you can find strategies keeping the fun and good sportsmanship of Ultimate alive!

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