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Get Involved with Ontario Ultimate

Ontario Ultimate currently has 3 Director at Large positions available.   Please contact William Santo ( if you are interested in exploring one of these positions.


Competitive Director/Director at Large 

Do you want to get more involved in Competitive Ultimate? Join the Competitive Committee, either as a Director at Large or general committee member - Work with seasoned ultimate veteran Andrew Portwine to build your competitive organization knowledge and become an integral part of the Ultimate Touring series. 


Director at Large

Are you interesting in supporting one of the world's fastest growing sports? Apply for Ontario Ultimate's Board of Directors and help deliver programs that you are passionate about as we build awareness and participation in Ontario. Currently we have 3 open Director at Large positions.  These positions allow you to focus on what you love about Ultimate.  Our current project streams include Member services, NCCP training, Provincial Tournaments, and Junior Development but for an extensive list of open projects please contact us!


What these positions entitle:

First off you get what you give, these positions require a real self-starter to drive what they are passionate about. There are monthly virtual meetings to review everyone's progress and discuss further opportunities. Then depending on your commitment, your requirements are going to ebb and flow but you can expect on average 10 hours a month. And one in person AGM located in Ontario.